| AH-HA (Nina Katchadourian & Ahmet Ögüt) | 2010 |

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Nina Katchadourian and Ahmet Ögüt

Performance and installation at the Blind Dates exhibition at Pratt Manhattan Gallery, 2010

Although they have only been set up on a blind date, conceptual artists Nina Katchadourian and Ahmet Ögüt have decided to bind together for life. Their project AH-HA is centered on the act of exchanging letters in their names through a legalized transaction, and involves trading two letters in their names that already overlap, namely, the "H" and the "A." The gesture of trading one letter now (the A) and another letter later (the H), most likely upon the event of one of their deaths, might seem reminiscent of an organ donation or blood transfusion. Only the even and reciprocal nature of the exchange creates a different dynamic: one of barter, trade, or rebalancing, rather than of donating or salvaging. The resulting artwork entails documentation of their process that will bear legitimate legal weight and responsibility, even if they fail. During the opening of the exhibition, they performed signing the agreement with the supervision of a lawyer/public notary. On view is the video documentation of this ceremony.