| Ahmet Cevdet Bey Presents Tunnel of Fear | 2011 |

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Ahmet Cevdet Bey Presents Tunnel of Fear | 2011 | Ahmet Ögüt & Cevdet Erek | series of installations at Overgaden, Copenhagen

Ahmet Ögüt & Cevdet Erek: Ahmet Cevdet Bey Presents Tunnel of Fear

Welcome to Ahmet Cevdet Bey’s universe of tricks, thrills and everyday magic! Two of Turkey’s prominent artists, Ahmet Ögüt and Cevdet Erek, turn part of Overgaden’s top storey into a horror chamber full of surprises.
In their first joint project, the two artists have fused to become one and the same person: the failed but proud alchemist Ahmet Cevdet Bey. In a site-specific installation which includes quaint and kitschy objects collected from the street vendors of Istanbul, Ahmet Cevdet Bey invites us to take a journey into a world where our senses and orientation shift into a new experience, where the borderline between fear, excitement and exhilaration become vague. 

As in a hall of mirrors, everyday personal negotiations for recognition and respect, or about right and wrong, are distorted and magnified, along with the general human fear of loneliness, exclusion and alienation. In the work, Ahmet Cevdet Bey presents all these worries and speculations to the viewers, who are invited to find themselves reflected in the tunnel’s polyphonic choir of absurdities, oddities and grotesque banalities. 

Both artists work in a wide range of media, and in Tunnel of Fear, Ögüt’s critical and subtly humorous studies of everyday social and political relationships are combined with Erek’s interest in the viewer’s perception and experience of a given space. In a playful manner, the charactistic ‘low budget’ concept of the horror tunnel is informed by the minor troubles of everyday life, as well as issues relating to global economics, transnational corporations and cheap labour. 

Celenk Bafra and Kathrine Bolt Rasmussen