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Between Waiting and Hiding | 2013 | 9 banners, 215cm x 60cm each | Courtesy of the artist | Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam | Commissioned by Stichting Amsterdam for Chambres des Canaux: The Tolerant Home.

Between Waiting and Hiding

a project by Ahmet Ogut
Project Coordinator: Siri Baggerman
Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam
1 / 17 November
For the exhibition Chambres des Canaux: The Tolerant Home curated by Siebe Tettero and commissioned by Stichting Amsterdam 2013, celebrating 400 years since construction began on the Canal Ring, Ahmet Ogut created an intervention at the Foundation Castrum Peregrini. Castrum Peregrini was a WWII hiding place at the Herengracht in Amsterdam. For more than six decades since, scholars and artists community emerging from the wartime underground circle that lived and worked there, editing a literary review and organising high quality small scale cultural events.
In his installation, which is partly visible on the facade and partly located on the ground floor of the foundation, Ogut draws a parallel between the young people hiding at the house they named Castrum Peregrini during the war, and the treatment of contemporary asylum seekers in the Netherlands in view of the radical shift in attitude which has emerged both in official proceedings and in popular viewpoint in the last decade.

Friday 8 November, 18hrs
Elke Uitentuis presents We Are Here
Tuesday 12 November, 18hrs
Huib Haye van der Werf presents the art project The List by Banu Cennetoglu.
1 / 17 November
The Freedom of Speech Itself (2012)
an audio documentary by Lawrence Abu Hamdan

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Between Waiting and Hiding