| Clear Blue Sky versus Generous Earth | 2008 |

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Clear Blue Sky versus Generous Earth | 2008 | Commissioned by SITE Santa Fe 7th Biennial | special thanks to Matthew Schum

Clear Blue Sky versus Generous Earth

I intended to incorporate an urban legend with the long-established phenomenon of Low-rider airbrush paintings on cars in the installation “Clear Blue Sky versus Generous Earth.” I made a low-rider muralist style airbrush painting on a car hood. The image illustrated a certain urban legend and there was a sound installation telling the same legend. The idea was to engage with the metaphorical implications of Sky and Earth by using the local traditions. The Sky plays the role of the nomadic forces, and Earth the role of land where nations belong. To extend the project to the outside, I selected some sentences from warnings such as “Notice Instruction by Office of Civilian Defense” that I saw in a second-hand shop called “Black Hole” in Los Alamos. These were printed on red tote bags. These sentences sound strange and meaningless when they are out of their context. Furthermore they become a parody of insecurity.