| Giuliani Collection interventions | 2011 |

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Carl Andre, 3rd Steel Triangle; 1 x 150 x 150 cm, 2008 | Ahmet Ögüt, intervention n.1: 2 tape measures, 2011 | view from Fondazione Giuliani, Rome

In Once upon a time a clock-watcher during overtime hours, Ögüt's solo exhibition at the Fondazione Giuliani, the artist moves his practice in a new direction, using an art collection as source material. Ögüt has selected works by Marina Abramovic, Giovanni Anselmo, Carl Andre, Mircea Cantor, Peter Coffin, Cyprien Gaillard, Joseph Kosuth and Sislej Xhafa from the Giuliani Collection to create "atmospheres" or interventions around each work which call attention to the characteristics of the works themselves, while also appropriating them to create multi-layered narratives with an open trajectory to generate and expand upon new meanings. Underlining these interventions is the consideration that no artwork has one single reading but is open to subjective interpretation. While paying homage to the works by these artists, Ögüt questions authorial originality and intentionality. He creates visual texts, which invite the viewer to really ponder a work of art while formulating new considerations and multiple readings. (Adrienne Drake)

Peter Coffin, Untitled (Surrealist Frame), gilded frame; 76,2 x 71,2 cm, 2007 | Ahmet Ögüt, intervention n.5: various industrial frames, 2011 | view from Fondazione Giuliani, Rome


Joseph Kosuth, W.: On Color #9 (Red), neon; 10 x 100cm, 1991 | Ahmet Ögüt, intervention n.2: photograph, 2011 | view from Fondazione Giuliani, Rome


Mircea Cantor, Tascache punge (Itching Pocket); Armani trousers, stinging nettles, earth, 2007 | Ahmet Ögüt, intervention n.7: various clothing items, 2011 | view from Fondazione Giuliani, Rome


Sislej Xhafa, Beh-Rang, DVD, 4'41'' loop, 2004 | Ahmet Ögüt, intervention n.6: burned walls, 2011 | view from Fondazione Giuliani, Rome


Giovanni Anselmo, Senza titolo, canvas, granite, steel cord, 220 x 150 x 70 cm, 1984-1991 | Ahmet Ögüt, intervention n.3: letter in glass bottle, 2011 | view from Fondazione Giuliani, Rome


Marina Abramovic, Nude with Scorpio (Open Eyes), photograph; 127,5 x 147,5 cm, 2005 | Ahmet Ögüt, intervention n.4: white vinly text, 2011 | view from Fondazione Giuliani, Rome