| The Obscure Horizontality of a Blind Spot | 2013 |

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The Obscure Horizontality of a Blind Spot | 2013 | a temporary horizontal klek shop |mediated sculpture in public space | commissioned by Sofia Contemporary

The Obscure Horizontality of a Blind Spot

Ögüt's interest in klek shops comes from as one of the most idiosyncratic structures of Sofia that arrived in 1989. These structures ask for particular body gestures for realizing the commodity exchange; crouching and bending before capitalism. Following up a similar gaze he has enacted in the performance Another Perfect Day, Ögüt responds to the city space of Sofia by imagining a horizontal klek shop where it doesn't belong. With a proposal to construct a temporary horizontal shop for Sofia Contemporary he desires to highlight how the structures we live in condition our perception and imagination of the city while responding to our sense of humour. He attempts to relate with the residents of Sofia asking what kind of experiential speculations a newcomer may produce onto their city when he or she comes closer.

Övül Durmusoglu