Bakunin’s Barricade  barricade inspired by Bakunin’s never realized proposal in 1849 using works from the Van Abbemuseum’s Collection: Asger Jorn, Le monde Perdu, 1960, Oskar Kokoschka, Augustusbrücke Dresden, 1923, Fernand Léger, Une Chaise, un pot de fleurs, 2 bouteilles, 1951, Pablo Picasso, Nature morte à la bougie, 1945, René Daniëls, Grammofoon, 1978, Jan Vercruysse, Schöne Sentimenten, (1986)1988, Marlene Dumas, The View, 1992, El Lissitzky, Proun P23, No. 6, 1919 A loan contact, prepared in collaboration with a lawyer, stipulates that the barricade may be requested and deployed during extreme economic, social, political, transformative moments and social movements. | Ahmet Ögüt © 2015 | view from Van Abbemuseum.

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