| Punch This Painting | 2010 |

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Punch This Painting | 2010 | Oil on canvas | 90 x 60 cm | courtesy of Untitled Collection, Istanbul

Punch This Painting

The painting is auctioned by Auctioneer Benthe Tupker from Christie’s Amsterdam at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA) on 21th of August 2010.

The painting is sold only under the following conditions:

1.The painting might be punched by who-ever feels like punching it every time it is exhibited. The Person who might punch it will not be the legally or financially accountable for any damages caused.

2. The new owner has to agree to give the painting as a loan to the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam where it will be exhibited during ‘Informal Incidents’ from August 21 until October 3, 2010.