| The Pigeon-like Unease of my Inner Spirit | 2009 |

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The Pigeon-like Unease of my Inner Spirit | 2009 | Homage to Hrant Dink | Performa 09 | performance with blind painter Devorah Greenspan | Commissioned by Performa | Presented by Bidoun Magazine and Performa | Curated by Defne Ayas with assistance by Ozge Ersoy | Supported by the Moon and Stars Project | Photo: Paula Court/Courtesy of Performa

For Performa 09, I developed a conversation with Devorah Greenspan, a blind painter in order to create a homage to the Turkish-Armenian newspaper editor, columnist, and journalist Hrant Dink. I did not only share what I know about his physical characteristics, but also his philosophy, his writings, his love for his country, and his dreams as well as his fears, particularly referring to Dink’s last article that was published in the Armenian-Turkish newspaper Agos on January 10, 2007, titled “The Pigeon-like Unease of My Inner Spirit.”

During the performance Devorah painted a portrait of Hrant Dink in a completely dark room as a result of our conversation. The spectators entered the room holding small torches and encountered Devorah Greenspan, who was painting in the dark.


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Photo: Paula Court/Courtesy of Performa