| River Crossing Puzzle | 2010 |

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River Crossing Puzzle | 2010 | Interactive installation | view from gfzk - Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig / Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig |

River Crossing Puzzle

A bomb disposal technician, a suspicious bag, a soldier,
two security dogs, a suicide bomber, his wife in wheelchair
and his daughter have to cross a river. They have discovered
a small boat. The small boat can carry only two people or one
person and one dog or item at a time. The suspicious bag can not
be left with anybody unless the bomb disposal technician is
present. The suicide bomber can not be left with any of the dogs
unless the soldier is present. The soldier can not be left with any of
the suicide bomber’s family members unless the suicide bomber
is present. Only the soldier, suicide bomber, and bomb disposal
technician know how to use the boat. How would they cross the river?