| Running Lecture | 2010 |

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Running Lecture | 2010 | departed from Artspace, Sydney at 3.30 pm on Thursday 7 October | photo: Reuben Keehan

If you live in Sydney, you probably do a lot of running. There's the morning jog, of course, the office City to Surf team and those boot camps you see in parks around the harbour. But then there's all the other running you do, which to be perfectly honest, you probably do more often—running for the bus, running for the train, running to make an appointment, the occasional need to dash across the road at traffic lights or even to run away from things or people you'd rather avoid. As part of his Artspace exhibition Speculative Social Fantasies, Ahmet Ögüt introduced his artistic practice in the most appropriate way for this city of pavement pounders, by inviting everybody to join him on a casual jog around Sydney. Ögüt's running lecture, an innovative new format for cultural engagement and general well-being. (Reuben Keehan)