| On The Path of Vooruit Universe | 2012 |

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On The Path of Vooruit Universe | Performance | 12. 05. 2012 | Kuipke | Commissioned by S.M.A.K. for TRACK

On The Path of Vooruit Universe

In the ‘Kuipje’, the legendary indoor cycling track in Ghent’s Citadel Park, Ahmet Ögüt put on a performance entitled ‘On The Path of Vooruit Universe’ during the opening event on 12 May. In one compelling action he was bringing together the history of Ghent, the context of the ‘Kuipje’ and his personal memories of the acrobatic motorcycle riders of his childhood in Turkey. Seven professional racing cyclists were each be given a luminous letter from the word ‘vooruit’ (‘onward’). With this letter mounted on the frame of their racing bikes, they took part in a contest on the track, in the belief that at some random moment they will form the word ‘vooruit’. In this performance Ögüt links Ghent’s socialist past, social utopia and the concept of progress to the current daily life.