| This area is under 23 hour video and audio surveillance | 2009 |

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This area is under 23 hour video and audio surveillance | 2009 | printed on an aluminum plate | 20,5x29cm | view from Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, US (2010) | Photo: Mike Venso | courtesy Laumeier Sculpture Park and the artist

The work is a set of large photos showing Ögüt placing official-looking signs in several outdoor locations around St. Louis. The signs say "Warning this area is under 23 hour video and audio surveillance." In the photos, he stops with his tools at various places, mostly public, and hangs the signs without being bothered. It may reference the way that we accept the constant surveillance under which a city dweller lives, or else point out the privacy or mischief that can be achieved outside of the modern grid, in that one precious hour, whenever that might be. (Miriam Moynihan)

Photo: Martin Lang, courtesy of the artist