| I wonder what is going on upstairs | 2005 |

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I wonder what is going on upstairs | 2005 | One day performance at Kunstmuseum Basel

I wonder what is going on upstairs

I wonder what Is going on upstairs is a performance which consists of inviting the Kunstmuseum Basel visitors to go on the crane of a boom truck, and look through the museum's second floor windows from their swinging position. This performance video is about exploring the discourse of art perception by creating a physically and figuratively unusual situation for art viewing. The visitor's awkward position on a truck outside the windows of a museum, places him at the boundaries of two territories. The essential part of this project becomes the stimulation of the museumgoer, and his level of interaction with the process.

special thanks to

Kunstmuseum Basel

Pro Helvetia Cairo

IAAB, International Exchange and Studio Program Basel