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Balanced Protest Banners: Bangladesh


Bamboo stilts, Digital Print, Performance

Commissioned by Dhaka Art Summit, Samdani Art Foundation, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, and Latvian Center for Contemporary Art with support from SAHA and Goethe Institut Bangladesh 

Curatorial contribution:
iLiana Fokianaki
Diana Champbell Betancourt
Akansha Rastogi
Ruxmini Reckvana Q Choudhury
Project Coordinator: M A F Fahim
Performers: Mithun Tripura, Fiton Tripura, Bipa Tripura, Tonu Tripura, Shakil Tripura.
Filmed in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Performers walk across the South Plaza on-site bamboo stilts that are both support structures and also protest banners highlighting difficult-to-find goods and commodities in Bangladesh such as Cherry Blossom, Avacado, Coffee, Petrol and Kiwi. This precarious balancing act invites us to consider what we might take for granted as we exert ourselves in the world. Bangladeshis in villages, as well as Indians in similar climatic contexts, address their rising water levels by creating tools for living similar in form to these stilts, finding new ways to walk on unstable ground.



Balanced Protest Banners: Latvia
For this version of the performance we used Latvian style traditional walking sticks that were also protest banners representing hard to find materials (in the context of war and perestroika era; sunflower seed oil; steel; petrol; condensed milk) As part of SurvivalKit 13 in Riga