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Worker's Ordinary Day

single channel video
3 mi

Soundtrack: Kaan Bulak

Fifty kilometers from Berlin is a huge hangar. It was built by the German Luftwaffe in 1938, and briefly served as a construction site for zeppelins in the 1990s, but today it houses an artificial tropical swimming paradise. A million visitors a year come here to spend a day lazing in an indoor reproduction of Bali, Thailand or the Amazon, with the temperature at a constant 26 degrees Celsius. Ahmet Öğüt points out of the absurdity of this leisure paradise by focusing on one of the smallest cogs in the wheel of a 500-strong team: the man who drags a hot air balloon with a basket around the hangar on a cable. His choreography at the artificial tropical resort is an ode to the lowest order in today's service industry, in one of Germany's poorest states.