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Monuments of the Disclosed

a collection of 9 digital monuments dedicated to nine historical whistleblowers
Commisioned by Artwrld

Inspired by the acts of multiple truth-tellers, artist Ahmet Öğüt collaborated with Artwrld to create Monuments of the Disclosed–a collection of digital monuments to nine historical whistleblowers. Individuals who, often at tremendous personal sacrifice, exposed the fraud, malintent and wrongdoing of unfettered power; and who, more often than not, remain unrecognized for their acts of courage.
Proceeds benefit: Protocinema and the National Whistleblower Center.
Welcome to the AR public art component of Ahmet Öğüt's Monuments of the Disclosed. To access the experience below, use your phone to scan the QR codes.


Bunnatine Greenhouse

During the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, chief civilian contracting officer Bunnatine “Bunny” Greenhouse raised concerns about major irregularities in a no-bid, no-compete contract being awarded to KBR-Halliburton, an act that ushered in sweeping reforms to laws governing no-bid, sole-source government contracts.
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Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

While a senior policy analyst at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Marsha Coleman-Adebayo blew the whistle on an American chemical company for exposing South African miners to toxic levels of vanadium.
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Li Wenliang

Chinese ophthalmologist Li Wenliang was one of the first individuals to raise concerns over the danger of Covid-19.
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Kimberly Young-McLear

Kimberly Young-McLear, Ph.D. blew the whistle on discriminatory behaviors in the United States Coast Guard and, in turn, initiated multiple reforms aimed at improving how discrimination and harassment claims are investigated by the
Coast Guard.
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Marlene Garcia-Esperat

Marlene Garcia-Esperat was a whistleblower turned investigative journalist murdered for her efforts in exposing large-scale government corruption in the Philippines’ Department of Agriculture.
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