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neither artificial nor intelligent

Series of Oil Paintings
Current locations to be seen by appointment in Berlin, New York, and Istanbul
Dimensions: 70cm x 70cm (28x28 Inch)
As the work can be seen and experienced only offline, the images above and below are blurred to conceal the actual painting.

A series of portraits painted by Öğüt after a 20-year break from oil painting. 

neither artificial nor intelligent (2023–ongoing) aims to challenge ‘Coded Gaze’ and cognitive bias. But also the challenge extends beyond the errors of our own stereotypical views and prejudgments. The work can be seen and experienced only offline. This series features depictions of imaginary artists including a Performance Artist based in Accra; an internet artist based in Tokyo; a Sound artist based in Diyarbakır; an Installation Artist based in Luanda; a Video artist based in Yerevan; a Multimedia Artist based in Cairo; a Fresco Artist based in Bogota; a Meme Artist based in Mexico City; AR artist based in Havana; a Kinshasa based Post-internet Artist; Istanbul based Fanzine Artist; Ceramic Artist based in Baltimore; Fluxus Artist based in Doha; Street artist based in Samarkand; a Painter based in Berlin; a  Conceptual Artist based in Detroit; etc. Öğüt makes oil paintings of each character employing manual modifications. And Title is gifted by Kate Crawford, author of “Atlas of AI”