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neither artificial nor intelligent

Series of Oil Paintings
Current locations: Berlin, New York, and Istanbul
Dimensions: 70cm x 70cm (28x28 Inch)
As the work can be seen and experienced only offline, the images above and below are blurred to conceal the actual painting.

A series of portraits of semi-fictional artists on the verge of burn out, each based in a different city around the world and working with different medium: Kigali based kinetic art artist; Jakarta based Food Artist; Islamabad based Kite Artist; Gaza based Virtual Reality Artist; Kassala based Action Painter; Helsinki based Black and White Photo Artist; Seoul based Stop-Motion Artist; Lorain based Lettrist Artist; Izmir based Contemporary Artist; Baghdad based Glass Artist; Belfast based Mural Artist; Yaoundé based AI Artist; Alexandria based Spoken Word Artist; Beijing based Healing Artist; Mardin based Generative Art Artist; a Performance Artist based in Accra; an internet artist based in Tokyo; a Sound artist based in Diyarbakır; Dodoma based Socially Engaged Artist; an Installation Artist based in Luanda; a Video artist based in Yerevan; a Multimedia Artist based in Cairo; a Fresco Artist based in Bogota; a Meme Artist based in Mexico City; AR artist based in Havana; a Kinshasa based Post-internet Artist; Istanbul based Fanzine Artist; Ceramic Artist based in Baltimore; Fluxus Artist based in Doha; Street artist based in Samarkand; a Painter based in Berlin; a  Conceptual Artist based in Detroit and more.