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Ahmet Öğüt in collaboration with Fino Blendax | a series of soundtracks and video clips, live concert | commissioned and produced by Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven | photo credit by Mark Blower
Reverb was conceived as an artist talk in the form of a concert Öğüt invited London-based band Fino Blendax to collaborate on a musical response to the projects, ideas and feelings presented in Öğüt practice! A mix of psychedelic, retrofuturistic and synth punk combined with Electro Saz, the soundtracks offer an alternative means with which to experience the works.

Reverb was performed live at the Philips Fritz Muziekgebouw in Eindhoven in the frame of Öğüt's solo show "Forward!" at the Van Abbemuseum, at Chisenhale Gallery and at La Serra dei Giardini in Venice in the frame of the Creative Time Summit: The Curriculum (inititated by Visible Project). The tracks accompanied by especially composed video clips by Öğüt.

Live Performed by

Synthesizer, Vocals - Bora Akinciturk

Electro Baglama, Lead Vocals - Ahmet Öğüt

Bass, Keyboard, Backing Vocals - Pery Pereira Sodre

Electric Guitar, Keyboard - Serhan Arcag

Drums - Maxwell Hallett & Joshua C Martens

Replacement Keyboard -Dan Leavers