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Fair wage for a made-up job

2018 - 2015
Second version, Berlin, 2018. Performers: Magdalena Mitterhofer and Göksu Kunak

Öğüt's performance consist in hiring three performers to work in shifts. They are spinning monitors displaying Öğüt's film with low-paid Sign Spinners of LA. As part of the project, performers, were paid per hour as much as the art fair’s director. Additionally, the three performers had equal access to the director‘s amenities (including lunch, VIP area access, car service, etc.) during the art fair. Every day, the director‘s expenses will be counted and added to the performers’ per diem. The project tends to expose and revaluate the hierarchies of pay and repute within cultural production.

For "Fair Wage for a Made up Job's" 2018 version performers were paid per hour as much as Members of the Bundestag, the federal parliament of Germany.