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Let it be known to all persons here gathered

Places visited: Liverpool, St Helens, Heywood, Manchester Commisioned by the Liverpool Biennial

Rider: Wayne Docksey | Horse: Blaze | Camera: Ahmet Ögüt | Second Camera: Tim Brunsden | Sound: Ami Yesufu | Production Team: Lorenzo Fusi, Rosie Cooper | Horse Care: Hatters Farm; Mark Nolan and Susan Booth | Text Editing and Calligraphy: Sarah Bowerman

The film documents a journey undertaken by a horse rider, dressed as a postman. The postman rode from Liverpool to Manchester, with the rider pausing in towns along the way, including St Helens and Heywood, to read the Biennial's press release that is ironically manipulated in the style of a Royal letter. The audience for the work became the accidental passers-by and not someone who has a particular expectation or interest in art. Aim of the work is not trying to attract more audience for the Biennial, rather question the role of the Biennials in general; such as lack of a far-reaching influence on the wider public, creating a real progressive dialog with the city and the local audience.