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No Emotional Abuse Zone

Temporary monument

"No Emotional Abuse Zone" was commisioned as part of “Not Standing in Place” initiated by Vlatka Horvat and Tim Etchells at Zurcher Theater Spektakel
Dictionary of the work:
No Orbiting* Zone
*the practice of someone stopping communicating with you in real life but continuing to engage with your social media posts.
No Catfishing* Zone
*the practice of someone misrepresenting themselves in a significant way.
No Gaslighting* Zone
*the practice of someone trying to get you to question your own reality and judgement.
No Ghosting* Zone
*the practice of someone cutting you off and cutting you out.
No Benching* Zone
*the practice of someone keeping both you and your relationship hidden.
No Breadcrumbing* Zone
*the practice of someone sending out flirtatious, but non-committal social signals.